Friday, November 4, 2011

My Side Kick

Since returning to Uganda I just can't shake this feeling like I am forgetting someone... Allan.

I realize now what a great companion he was during September. Even though we had to work through language/communications and different issues, he was such a sweet little person to have by my side! Every day we would get up about the same time, eat, do our errands, enjoy new things and each other. Then we'd come back to the guest house and play football, swing on the vines, climb a tree or two, play more football, try to eat the food I made, and then finish the day reading "Brown Bear, Brown Bear." Then I would say, "Nkwagala" and he would say "I luva yooo too. " It was sort of like our own special "babyhood" together. What sweet times.

I miss everyone... very much, Tim, Addie, Eli, Cora... but it just feels weird being here with out Allan. Perhaps it feels so hard, because I was just getting to know him and get settled in, then I had to go again? We had fun getting to know each other. He always amazes me. His spirit. His sweetness. His resilience. His creativity! Today over skype he showed me how he had taken pieces of PVC pipe and made a ladder! What a clever boy.

I miss you Allan-ee.

Is this boy a hoot or what? Seriously. He made me laugh all day long.
We have videos of his first experience with an ice cube, mirror, bathtub and about 100 other things! He has been a joy to parent and we are so thankful for him!

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