Saturday, November 5, 2011

Little Mama

In Uganda you call your father's sister "aunt" and your mother's older sister "older (big) mama" or her younger sister "younger (little) mama."
Interesting, huh?

So my "younger mama" is coming to stay with me here, help me out, and help me get home with this wiggly, jiggly bundle of a girl... if things continue to progress and go smoothly.

I was thinking that my aunt is really very much my "yo
unger mom". I've always called her "Cissy"... a nickname she got as a child that is similar to her given name. Cissy is an encourager, a veteran mom, a lady of faith and a lover of of God and His ways.

Cissy's children have been my best friends since we were young, closer, like siblings, partially because my only sibling is 9, almost 10 years older than me. She always had fun ideas, let us play and play to our hearts content and let us stay up late and sleep in all day!

She also takes great joy in my children! Currently we are the only ones to have children in our family (both out of my sibling and all other cousins I have)... good thing we are working on 5 of them... others need to pick up, because we are sharing the brunt of the "being fruitful" thing for our entire family!

But, Cissy has come to visit every time I have had a baby, and every summer since I have had kids, with my mom. She even had our kids over to sleepovers while we were here in September and Tim was with me and the children were at my parents.

Our children LOVE her...
She is more than a great aunt to them, she is a "little grandma".
I can't wait for her to meet and love of her newest little niece, Thea!

I feel very blessed to have a "little mama" that will travel half way around the world to help me, be with me, and just do life with me here for a week.
How amazing is that?

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