Sunday, September 25, 2011


Clear as a bell Isaiah Allan said to me tonight, "I luba yoooo tooo!"

We had a bitter sweet day.
Said some goodbyes.

We slept in. To nearly 8:30.

We ate a traditional Ugandan meal that made Isaiah Allan get up and boogie and cheer about!
He said, "Whoo-Ohh!" about it.

The avocado was literally sweet... the best I have ever had in my whole life.
I realized that jack-fruit is something I can say I genuinely like.

We got home and Allan-ee (how most people pronounce his name) said, "Woody?" and pointed at the laptop... to indicate he wanted to watch Toy Story. I think that might be the first time he as asked me verbally for something he wanted. Usually we have to read he gestures and expressions and ask him, to which he will nod in the affirmative or negative.

He told our driver that his voice sounds like a woman's (which isn't true at all). I think he was making a joke of some sort.

He refuses to get lost soccer balls that roll under bushes or vines... I think he might be afraid of lizards or snakes... but that is a guess.

When kids asked him, "Who cooks at your house?" He said, "Oh, my mom does." I am just thrilled he didn't add in, "...and it is horrible!"

Ugandans say things like, "It is... what... what... what?" to say "You know, this and that..." or "There were all sort of things there." And, I try to answer them because I don't get it is a rhetorical question and manner of speaking.

Tomorrow is a new day!

And in 3ish days we start our journey home!

Oh and by the way, I have been taking photos, amazing ones, but I have no way to download them right now... so it will wait.

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