Sunday, September 11, 2011

Here, There and Everywhere

A smallish sort of update...

We are here.
We've been very busy.
Kizito is with us now. We had his court date. It went well.
We have a ruling date for this coming Thursday.
He is doing A-MAZE-ING!
Tim left tonight. That was far harder for me than expected.
I think it was hard for Kizito too. He was pretty solemn tonight.

A few days ago we went and met Thea. She is a serious diva. Chub. Grins. And had every person at the home wrapped around her little finger.
She has stayed with us last night and is tonight too. She woke at 10 and 4 last night.
She eats a ton and is happy, but really hates being put down and walked away from.
Tomorrow we (well, now "I") take both kids to get a physical for there visa.

We are praying for the following:
- A quick ruling (getting the paper we need) for Kizito.
- A smooth hearing for Thea and a quick ruling... sort of a miracle (one with in that week or the next).
- That we stay well.
- That Kizito continues to learn and feel comfortable with me and that we don't miss Tim.
- For Tim to arrive home safely.


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