Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ways to Pray

We've been asked, "How can we pray for you..."
So here is our prayer request list.

- Pray that both of our hearings go with out problems. Pray that the truth is evident and that there is no confusion on what has and is happening. (We really just want truth to prevail and if that is at the cost of things not working out we are at peace with that).

- Pray for the Spirit to be at work in the hearts of the judges, helping them to give wise judgement and have a heart of compassion to our children.

- Pray that they give their ruling swiftly.

- Pray that we make the most of every opportunity.

- Pray for Kizito... his family and us to all bond. Pray that he feels safe, loved and comfortable with us quickly and that his grandma and us can make a plan that helps all of these things to flow naturally as he transitions into our care.

- Pray he has a good understanding of what is taking place and doesn't feel confused.

- Pray that we have supernatural compassion, wisdom and love to deal with difficulties.

- Pray that our time with Miss Thea is sweet, that she feels safe and comfortable with us too.

- Pray that a special bond forms between Thea and Kizito during the next few days.

- Pray that we get our rulings very quickly an our time in Uganda is less then we expect it to be.

- Pray that our embassy hearing goes very quickly and that we can get both kids visas in record time.

- Pray that Tim's leaving doesn't upset Kizito.

- Pray that we have fun together!

- Pray that I am not forgetful (it is a weakness of mine... I "space" things when I am overwhelmed).

- Pray I am not lonely and that I find some true fellowship there.

- Pray that we see His power, experience his constant presence and have peace in all circumstances.

- Pray that I can bless others and be a true (not contrived) example of what Christ follower is. Pray that we can be salt and light and the love of Jesus where ever we go.

- Pray that Satan has no place in this process, between interactions and in others.

- Pray that my own flesh isn't a factor in anything... (Wouldn't that be nice).

Just remember us in your prayers.

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