Monday, April 25, 2011

Four Years Ago

Four years ago today I got to become a mommy for the second time!

Seriously, look at how squeezably adorable he was!

Dear Elias,

I am SO inexpressibly thankful to God that he gave me the honor of being your mommy. You are a boy that is strong and gentle, zealous and humble, knows what he wants, but won't trample others to get it. Your sisters are blessed to have you between them to be a brother that protects and loves. They have fun with you and take joy in who you are and what you add to their lives!

I have always loved your ability to look on the bright side.
You don't see problems, but opportunities!

You've grown up a lot this year. You've learned how to defend yourself... the right way. You've learned how to express yourself. You've learned how to be best friends with your dad and sisters. You've learned to solve problems (like wee'ing out of a car window when you have to go) I am still thankful you didn't go in the car... thanks for that, and the laugh.

Thank you for always having kind and loving words to say. You always affirm others around you. You make us feel like we are loved and point out the good in others! You are a true optimist... except when you are hungry. But we all have faults... that is ok.

I love to hear you pray! You have such important things to bring to God and you are always ready and willing to pray in every opportunity! Your thanks for bunk beds, dragons and food are sincere and whole-hearted. You NEVER forget to pray for your brother and thank God for him. You pray he will be safe. You look at us all and thank God for each of us, making sure you don't forget anyone. Thank you for caring about those around you, and very far away.

Keep growing, keep loving others, keep learning about God and remember to look to God for all things!


Happy Birthday Big Boy!

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