Sunday, February 27, 2011

Why Vital Records is Not My Friend

You know I try to keep thing positive... I'm not much for griping. In fact, griping, gossip and complaining are major pet peeves for me and normally I don't participate or listen to it.

But Vital Records of the State of CO... you are not my most favorite people!

Reasons I dislike you...
1. How hard is it to look at a paper and copy it... and spell a very simple name correctly?
2. How about double checking your work and taking pride in the fact that your accuracy helps people?
3. How about returning my calls and not passing me off to someone else?
4. How about taking ownership for your mistake and correcting it with a fraction of customer service?
5. How about not making ME jump through hoops to fix this?
6. How about refunding my money for your mistake!
7. How about getting me my vital record... that is what you are called... and it is vital that I have it now.

Disclaimer: If you, your spouse, or family member works at a vital records office I apologize... I am sure they know how to spell and take their work seriously. I mean no offense. It is just irritating to spend $26 of a piece of paper that is worthless and to be told that the quickest, easiest way to take care of it is to spend another $26 and forget about having it taken care of by the people who messed up.

But my largest concern is that this is God's way of preparing me for dealing with Ugandan government bureaucracy... oh dear.

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