Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What a weird night.

So I had a very interesting night.
It all started when I went to get coffee... on my little mommy relax break. I forgot to ask for de-caf! I never forget to ask. And I drank all but 1/4 of the cup before realizing my fatal error!

Well I stayed up until nearly midnight... I didn't even try, I knew I'd lay there restlessly.
But I went to bed and dozed off... Sweet relief!

I woke hearing a HUGE bang in the garage that walls our room! It freaked me out of course, but I thought, "Probably a tool hanging off the edge of a work bench... no biggy."
Then I heard a door nob jiggle... not even joking, I thought, "Now, I could just be imagining this... wait and listen before becoming hysterical." I thought, I wonder if the side door got locked... maybe someone is in there... then another noise!

TIM! There is someone in the garage!!!!

Poor honey gets up and barges out into the garage... I'm thinking, "Someone tells you there is someone in the garage at 1 am and you just barge out there?" But I peek around the corner and it is empty.

We start the full search and I go upstairs to check on the kiddos, Addie good, open Elias and Cora's door... Barf smell. You know it. Cora had barfed all over herself, her crib, the floor.
Now, I think, I wonder what that sound was about. I know there is NO way I could have heard Cora, but she needed me big time... so why do I hear odd noises in the night? I'll let you draw your own conclusions, but I know what I think.

So I clean her up and sleep upstairs. She had coughing fits every hour all night poor baby... that is why she barfed. :-(

Mommy is tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired!

But at least it wasn't a robber and at least I found out what the real problem was.

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