Saturday, October 30, 2010

Advent... Coming Soon!

I realized I haven't properly explained about my book.

Advent is a family guide for the celebration of Advent. When we started observing Advent several years ago I was at a loss... there were few biblical and family-centered resources around (most were craft or activity guides for young children). This prompted me to begin to compile our own family guide to use at Advent. Then I wanted to share it with my church... It snowballed from there! Advent contains 3 weekly lessons for each of the 4 weeks of Advent. It includes lessons and short activities for all ages... preschool through adulthood, but it is really based around the intention that the WHOLE family worships and learns together through the Advent season. Advent clearly explains the history and reason for observing Advent. Each lesson includes, scripture reading, carols to sing, classic Christmas stories, recipes and lots of fun scripture-centered activities.

Our family has been greatly blessed by making our Christmas centered around the Advent wreath. We are daily reminded that Christmas isn't about events, gifts or even about traditions, it is about our God who sent His Son to be the greatest gift of peace and love the world has ever known!

Christmas is about intentionally drawing close to the manger throne of Christ!

More than that, we are hoping to use the proceeds of this book to fund an adoption. We're still in the planning stages, and even uncertain where and when, but we are stepping forward to get our home study done... but that is lots of money in its self. Since we fund raise for our salary at CBX we are hesitant to fund raise for an adoption, too. We know that God is behind this, leading and prompting us, and we know that He will provide all we need to get it done.

However, everyone needs Christmas gifts... Advent is the perfect gift for any family! It will bless them and give them the most important gift of Christmas... a Christ-centered holiday!

Perhaps this book about the "coming" of one Son
will enable the homecoming of another son!

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