Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 Year In Review

Here are the highlights of 2009...

Our good friends Joy and Abigail move to CBX in January.

In March Cora is dedicated to the Lord.

We lead a mission trip to inner-city Denver.

Some time along the way Tim finishes his faithful commuter...
the Dune Buggy.

We get away for a little trip to AZ...
Dogders games, children's museum and the Train park!

In April Elias turned TWO!

In May Addie turned FOUR!

Our fourth summer at CBX... The best yet!

In August I finally take a trip down the Animas River.

A little post summer "Staycation" in Breckenridge.

Trip to CA... Disneyland, Family, LA CO. Fair!

All the cousins... minus Jeff, Rob and Toby

September brought the Whitley Family Women's First Annual Retreat...
Two Aunts brave the ropes course...
among lots of other fun!

In October Cora turned ONE!

Autumn, Addie started Kindergarten... at home!

Harvest/Halloween fun!

In November... Surprise... the BIG 30!

Cora then... and now!

Now on to 2010!!!
Can't wait to see where God takes us!

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...they call me mommy... said...

Great post! What a wonderful year you've had! :) I love that last cheeky picture of your Cora! Adorable!

Blessings for 20-10!