Thursday, December 4, 2014

Skinny Jeans on a Chubby Baby

<<< 10 Weeks >>> 

The weeks are ticking by. 
My mom kisses my ever growing cheeks and threatens to bite me...
but it's ok, she never actually does. My dad's beard is torturous however! 

I'm learning all the people's names. 

Addie, the big one, carries and retrieves me from my naps. 
Allan, the dark and handsome one, is who I like to smile at the most, 
he doesn't move too fast like the others do. 
Eli, is Mr. Cuddles, he kisses me the most and compliments me on my skin. 
Cora is fun to tickle when she holds me up on her shoulder "like a real mom". 
And the little one seems to like to herald every event in my life... She's always yelling things like "She's awake!", "Did she poop?" and "She's reaching out!!!" 
It's kind of weird, yet endearing all at the same time. 

I bet they had no idea what to do before I joined them ... 
Lucky for them I came along!

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