Thursday, October 24, 2013

School @ Home: Story of the World ~ Week 8

We are learning about ancient Sumaria... namely the Epic of Gilgamesh!
Everyone likes a good epic story.

You know what? I had NEVER read or heard anything about the Epic of Gilgamesh before.
What a story! Good overcoming evil with love.

We read this nicely illustrated book...
This author has made a trilogy of books on Gilgamesh.

We had fun drawing our own Enkidu creature-men.

Here's a link to an animated version of the story of Gilgamesh... Epic of Gilgamesh

Our science this week covered the theory of Pangaea or Continental Drift. We made our own Pangaea by taking a map and copying it and cutting it out and rearranging it in a way we think it may have fit.

We talked about the difference between fact and theory...

Fact: "Knowledge or information based upon real occurances, that can be demonstrated or proved to exist through testing.

Theory: "A group of general propositions (ideas) that are commonly regarded as correct."

Happy Homeschooling!

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