Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Down Side of Catechism

We study the catechism, big word for simple truths about doctrine.

We recently covered the questions, "Can you see God?"
The answer is, "No, but he always sees me, nothing can be hidden from God."

Cora who is 4, immediately said, "Can he even see the candy I am sneaking and hiding behind my back???"  Me, "Yes, sweet girl, even when you are hiding your sin, God sees it all..."

She is also getting very modest recently. She is always coming in and reassuring me that she won't laugh at my bottom or "milkers" (classy, I know) if she sees me dressing. What a relief... no one likes ridicule from a 4 year old!!!

Yesterday we were in a rush for a camp staff meeting, she had her pants on backwards and was complaining that they were falling down. I told her, "Take them off and turn them around quickly before we are late..."

She said, "But I can't... people will see my bottom and laugh at me."

I said, "No they won't I am the only one here and I won't laugh at you... I love your bottom... it is cute."

She thought for a moment, and said, "But mom, God WILL see me and he might laugh at my bottom..."

Ahh... caught!
No arguing there... though I assured her He wouldn't laugh because He made her too and doesn't care about people's bottoms...

My oh my, the issues catechism raise in our homes!

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