Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Project Oberon!

I am sort of partial to 5 or 6 year old boys... they are fun... unending fun!
No pretense and all transparency!
They are noise and dirt and action and admiration!

So this little boy has been on my heart for a few months now.

I've been praying for him and have expected a family to scoop him up any day now... but not one family has even inquired about him! 

Not ONE.

Honestly,  from time to time I ask about children on different waiting lists (call me crazy)... mainly to pray/advocate for them, sometimes because I am personally interested, but there has NEVER been a time that when I asked about them that I didn't find out that another family had/were inquiring about them too. 

That breaks my heart for this boy!
It actually makes me sort of peeved for him!

He is called "Oberon"
From my research his real name (not Oberon) means "Holy Light"!
I love how his big baby blues are taking it all in!

He has been waiting a long time.
I don't know the details but he has most likely been waiting his entire life for a family to call his own.

Oberon has some level of hearing impairment (the information that is known about it is really not helpful or indicates the level of his impairment).

He is described as being...
 "... a sweet, active boy. He likes to play with toys. He is helpful, lively and peaceful, sociable, friendly, outgoing, cheerful and playful."

He sounds like any normal 5 year old boy to me!
It sounds like he is able to interact and communicate to a certain level with those around him... and enjoys doing so.

I have done some research as to what services a child with (unknown and possible) needs like "Oberon" might need and what is available in even small and isolated communities like ours... there are many services available!!! More than I realized!

I contacted this organization: Hands and Voices
With in 24 hours (actually, it was more like 12) I had received a personal email from our states' chapter representative full of information about the services for hearing impaired children in our area, plus the name and email of another family who have a child with similar impairments! She even encouraged me to call her the next day... and she encouraged me that hearing impairment is not nearly as scary as it seems and that there are many ways of treating, living with it and finding common methods of communication! She said many Hands and Voices members have adopted as well.

I bet you are thinking...

"Aw... the Miller's have a new kiddo..."


"OH MY!... They are doing it again!!! 
They are nuts! We better pray for them!"

Not so hasty... haha!

Here is the deal... we aren't ready to adopt... but this child IS ready to find a family!
All he has done is wait his whole little life! While we aren't ready, that doesn't mean we don't have an opportunity to help him in some way...

Can you join us in helping find his family?

My plan is this: Consider, Share and Pray...

I know God does have a plan for "Oberon"... let's participate in it!

If you would like more information, I can tell you a bit about his nation, how he can be adopted and contacts to organizations/individuals in our home state/town that can help you figure out hearing impairment and its implications.

Currently "Oberon" is being advocated for on Reece's Rainbow.

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