Monday, July 23, 2012

More Art

I am finishing up developing our family bible/worship curriculum... this year on The Life of Christ!!!
Totally excited about this.

I was doing up a cover for our binder and wanted an image of Jesus.
I am a bit careful about how we use and types of images of Christ, for obvious reasons... not once in the Word are we ever given a personal description of Jesus (although others are described... ie "rudy" David or red haired and hairy Esau). I don't think God wanted us focusing on the outward appearance of Christ, but on his teachings and the fact he was sinless and a perfect atonement for our sins.

But I do LOVE classic art and Jesus has been put into image because of people's love for him and the stories of the past.

Here are two of my favorites!

This is my new favorite... Jesus, the Jew. 
Thank you, finally a realistic image of Jesus.

Rembrandt's Jesus

Thinking today about all the implications of the incarnation! 
Isn't it wonderful??? 
So startling and sweet. 
God in flesh!

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