Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Today we are getting a HUGE amount of tasks done today.

Hair set (baby girls).
Resettling an obscene amount of "stuff" that was upended from our impromptu house remodel (the flood... no not Noah's, but I might wonder).
Laundry... enough said.
General cleaning.

Days like today can go one of two ways in our home... torment or triumph. We hit some where in the middle, but closer to triumph today.
We do better while we have something to listen to as we work.

Some dear friends clued me into this great place... Librivox... public domain readings of some amazing literature!!! How cool is that?

We listened to 3 chapters of The Little Pepper's and How They Grew.
It seemed quite fitting!

This is written in the opening about Mrs. Pepper, "So with a stout heart and a cheery face, she had worked away day after day at making coats, and tailoring and mending of all descriptions; and she had seen with pride that couldn't be concealed, her noisy, happy brood growing up around her, and filling her heart with comfort, and making the little brown house fairly ring with jollity and fun."

Isn't that beautiful reality?

My mom read this same book to me years ago... she dutifully gave up of "her time" every single night of my childhood, and much of my teen years to read to me. I am not joking. Even my freshman year of high school she'd snuggle up in bed with me and read to me! What a sweet time!

One thing I love about classic children literature is it helps challenge children to think, be problem solvers and to rely on sibling relationships.

So that is how we role when we have lots to do... we listen.

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