Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Call Home

Just talked to our family in Ug@nda.
Such news!

Pauline has the measles! Please pray for her healing and wellness. 
(Pauline is Allan's cousin, I think she is about 10, the girl in pink in the middle behind Allan).

Eron had a boda accident and has wounds on her legs! She was going to get food at a market for the family, while she was riding the boda a lady in a car hit them and she went flying off. Some how she messed up her legs in the accident. They took her to the hospital, but she is fine now.

The church is trying to take back the land that their home is on and where they grow their food. It is a really nice place, very peaceful and they have room and what they need. This is sad news. The church evidently had loaned the land out to people who need it, but is now wanting it back. The other option, as of now, is for them all to move back into the village which is many hundred miles away. 

On the brighter side all the kids had a concert recently at school.
This is Betty who is 15, she is tying up a chicken. 
While we talked she was preparing a chicken for dinner.

Eron's second term at University starts in August! She did well in her marks and really enjoyed her classes. She said she was really intimidated at the class sizes of about 60 students when she'd be called on or have to talk in front of the class... understandable!

Please pray for "our" family.
Pray that God blesses them and reveals Himself to them.
Pray that He prospers them and provides for them!

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