Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Dear Elias, On your 5th Birthday!

Dear Elias,

Eli! You are FIVE! That is HUGE! It is "super awesome" and "pretty cool!"
But more than that, YOU are super awesome and really cool!

You've grown SO much in the last year. You are a BIG brother to two little sisters, and little brother to a brother and sister. You are right in the middle... with so much love surrounding you! Elias... you are such a special and loved boy. You are loved just because you are you. We also really just like who you are!

All your family will agree with what I am about to share... we all LOVE YOU!

I love the kind and loving heart you have.
I love your words of support, love and encouragement for everyone who you meet.
I love your way with words.
I love how you smile at everyone and see the best in them.
I love your excitement and enthusiasm for nearly anything!
I love how you care about each person God has put in your life... and you care for them very genuinely.
I love how you are learning to pay attention and listen to others better!
I love how you like to make things, and protect others and can look at anything and see its potential!
I love how you are simple, easy and uncomplicated.
I love when you feel something strongly and refuse to back down!
I love it that you are the sweetest boy, but also willing to stick up for yourself and others...
I love how you enjoy learning and can't wait to start school this fall... and that that will really look NO different than what we do now, but the mere fact it is called "school" excites you.
I love that you are all-boy and will walk in the house smelling like wind, dirt and grass.
I love that you will snuggle anyone, anytime, any place!
I love how you are a brother to your siblings... caring, forgiving and fun.

Elias we are SO thankful to God for giving us a boy like you! HE knew you were exactly the right kid to give us that would fit perfectly right in the middle of all the fun! He knew you'd be patient, loving, forgiving and enthusiastic!

When you were just hours old mommy held you and you conked out and didn't wake up until morning. Thank you for that... really... mommy will never ever forget how even then you were concerned about others.

We love you sweet, sweaty, scabby-kneed, compassion-giving, freckle-faced, "super awesome", forgiving, arrow-slinging, knight in training, boy of ours... HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY!!!


And P.S... I am sorry about your birthday balloon. I really did try to catch it! :`(

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Julianna said...

Happy Birthday Elias!