Monday, February 13, 2012

The Man of My Dreams Makes Me Things

My husband IS the man of my dreams. Every day he some way or another makes a dream of mine come true. In fact, nearly every morning he makes me THE best coffee complete with steamed milk, chocolate sauce and caramel swirled on top... that in its self is a gift to me. Am I right... he is a dreamy man?

When I came home from Ug@nda this last trip the kids said on the ride home, "Mom, we have a surprise for you..." and something about a rug. Tim quickly shushed them. I got home to a platter of cheese, crackers and wine... OH my... such a dream man! I love cheese and quite honestly, I am easily pleased by dairy products.

Then he said, "We have one more surprise." He took me in our bedroom and showed me he had nearly completely re-decorated it (we had the bedding and curtains already). Now who out there has a husband that you could trust to re-decorate your garage, much less a master bedroom and have it turn out like this???

Yes, that lamp (and it's mate) were my grand-grandma Gail's... they are white porcelain and have a fruit motif on top of the round thing... I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! I loved looking at the very realistic fruit when I was a little girl. Tim thinks they are ugly, but let them be the show piece of the room... cuz he loves me!

He made the bench at the bottom of the bed, 2 night stands... complete with the fruit lamps and he made a little reading/talking nook for us. His note said some thing to the effect that "we are now parents of 5 kids and he thought we needed a place to retreat to..."

Love him and the way he thinks!
I hardly leave my bedroom at all now.

THEN... it gets better!

For Christmas he made me/us a new dining table, with enough room for us all, plus a guest or 2. It took this long to finish it and get 4 strapping dudes to carry in our house... the thing could sub as a bomb shelter, it is so well made... 100% hard wood, not a laminate in sight!

Isn't is perfection!
The benches could easily fit 5-6 kids and 4 adults. Summer staff are on their way... so I think we could fit at least 12 around it.

I am bragging and boasting... even though that isn't right.

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