Monday, February 6, 2012

Loving Eli

I feel like I am wading through molasses today... so so slowly, but also sweetly.
This was a highlight of my morning... spending time with one of my little men.


(Elias, this summer, as a cowboy.)

Today Elias informed me that he can't wait to... "be a big daddy, cuz I am going to be a dog walker. I'll come in my car, feed the dogs and take them on a walk. Then I'll go back to my own camp, my own kids and my own wife!"

NO joke.
That is word for word what he said. What dreams.
It cracked me up that he'll be living at a camp, but have time/need to be a dog walker too. And where did he get that? It isn't like we have EVER seen a dog walker... or know of ANY!

(Elias wrestling the world's biggest gentlest dog, Sampson)

Man, I love that kid!

He begins literally ever sentence with either "SO..." or adds in "pretty" as a sub for several different words. For example, "So. I was tinking that I'd pretty like to go to the store wiff you today dad!" or "Mom... So... I pretty love pending time wiff you." Oh be still my heart!
I shamefully admit I don't have the heart to correct him. It is just so cute.

Recently he said, "My favorite color is black... just like Allan's head." Try to respond to that one with out smiling or laughing... I managed, "Well, isn't that something..." or some equally lame response.

He is fairly high energy, thin as a rail and eats like a horse. He is dealing with 4 year old pouting syndrome, but also has one of the sweetest ways of dealing with people when he puts is mind to it. He is loyal. He also has a tendency just to do completely ridiculous stuff... but what boy doesn't?Perhaps that is an appropriate definition of boyhood, "a creature that does stupid stuff... but does it in an endearing way."

(Endearingly reckless.)

So thankful for this boy!

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