Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hair... I Heart My Baby's Hair!

I do love Thea's hair.
I admitted recently that initially we only wanted to adopt boys due to "the hair issue" as many people (myself included once upon a time ago) think about curly or African hair.
Oh, how glad I am I learned I was wrong.
Thea's hair is fun, an amazing art medium and even therapeutic for me (some days).

Here is how much I "heart" it...

Side part hearts, with rope twists up that have heart beads on them,
to a puffy faux hawk and twist in front!

I am super proud of my improved parting! And the hearts! It was NOT easy getting a parted heart in the same place and symmetrically placed on each side of Thea's head! But we both managed to do a pretty good job!

What a pretty and sweet face! Kisses from everyone make those cheeks chapped.

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