Saturday, January 7, 2012

Some Christmas Crafts

I haven't had much time for making things... imagine that!
But I did manage to make a stocking for Thea and I helped all the kids make a felt mitten ornament... and I feel proud I accomplished that much!

This is Cora's stocking... made last year. It is a felted sweater I repurposed into a stocking! Super cute!

Here is Thea's stocking. Basically I layered material and sewed it into a stocking and added ribbon as trim and the loop.

Here are the mitten ornaments... Basically they did some sewing, basic stuff and I hand stitched the mitten together with a blanket stitch.
They are: Addie, Allan, Elias, Cora and Thea... of course I made Thea's

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