Monday, September 19, 2011

Fighting For It...

So last night I went to bed discouraged. I just couldn't figure out how we could make this all happen... getting the written ruling, getting Isaiah Allan's passport, going to the embassy and getting an appointment for Wednesday... all in the same day.

Here that is just not possible.

If you want to do 2 things in a day you will be lucky to get them both done. Traffic, buracracy and just the complications of life always interfere!

Plus the big deal breaker would be IF the embassy even had an opening for us... I knew I could have it all ready, but if they don't have room to make us an appointment then we are just out of luck! Plus, they only meet with people on Mondays and Wednesdays (for immigrant visas... really just those 2 days a week).

It seemed impossible.
I worried all night long about it.

In the morning I got up, called our lawyer who said, "We have the ruling, come by and pick it, then go get your passport." Wow! I was thrilled!

We left in a hurry to start the whole process, but on the way a friend called who is adopting and is just a week behind us in the process and she said, "I've just been at the embassy and they do not have ANY openings until October 5th or later."

I was crushed. I thought... "Oh Lord, why are we all ready to go and now we will have to wait several weeks more? How is this possible?" But I forged on. We got to the lawyers who informed me that UG immigration had no power and they couldn't get our passport for Allan until after 2 pm. Again I thought, "Lord, what are you doing here? Do you really want me staying until mid October?"

I kept trying to gear myself up for a "fight" at the Visa office... thoughts ran through my mind how I could work it to get us out of here next Wednesday like planned. I thought about how I could reason with them, plead our case and justify our need to get home. Then a thought came to me... "God said, He would fight for me. Why don't I believe he will? Why won't I pray and ask Him to fight this HUGE battle on my behalf?"

But we continued pushing forward and went with the remaining paperwork (minus Allan's passport) to the embassy to see what we could see. On the drive we got pulled over by a traffic cop (for NO reason) Again I thought, "God you know time is of the essence... why today?" I had shared all the events and fears with our driver, Brian, an amazingly Godly young man. He quickly took care of the issue with the cop and got back in and we headed there. I prayed the whole way. So did my amazing driver, and he said as I hopped out at the embassy, "Marci I will remain here praying the whole time for you."

We got in and handed it all over to a nice lady named Freda. She looked it all over, helped me fill out some paper work and again I thought "I need to fight for this..." But I waited.

She said, "Ok mama. This is all good. We will cross our fingers about the passport and you can come in on Wednesday morning if you have it and we will meet with you Wednesday afternoon and hopefully get your visa to you by Friday."

I was like, "What? Did you say come in on Wednesday...Visa by Friday?" She smiled and repeated it all for me and said, "Yes, we will squeeze you in on Wednesday."

Deep breath! Praise God! He fought for me!
I didn't even have to make a plea, justify or reason!

So we wait, pray that the electric goes back on soon for UG immigration and that our lawyers can pick up that passport even this afternoon!

Pray for Wednesday!
Just had to share.
I know it isn't really as huge of a battle as I know others are fighting... but for today it was amazing!
We were back "home" to the guest house by noon... amazing!

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