Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What A Day... What A Day...

Oh. My. Word.
What. A. Day.

Does that say it all?
Sigh. Deep breath.

I want to add a side note before I take off... My children are (usually) good kids... meaning, they don't wreck havoc, they only whine when it is fairly understandable. They are sweet. Seem to be enjoyed by others and I certainly enjoy them... nearly all of the time.

Well today.

It all started when I planned a "Play Date"... ie, time to hang out with a friend who has kids too. We were to meet at Brookside Park at 10:45.
Then Tim asked if I could sit in on the girls ladies panel (our high school girls can ask us questions about life, God or whatever they would like... boys.) I was all for it, messaged my friend to say I would be there closer to 11.

Tim watched our 3 + our friends little girl at our house. As they left I said, "Tim and kids, PLEASE do NOT do anything to get messy! We have our outing and i want you to stay looking nice." I know, I am vain and prideful, but I excuse it as making sure we avoid unwarranted concern about being able to care for our kids. Silly me. Plus, I like to look at clean kids, not ragamuffins... ha. Seems sort of ridiculous, with the story I am about to disclose.

I did the panel. It was good and a privilege.

I ran out, knowing I needed to pick up lunch for us too, prior to going to the park. Rushed home.

As I walked in the door, called the kids down.
Cora came first, dress with smudges, blue, green brown all over her face, legs and arms. At first I thought, huh, wonder what that is? Then I saw Elias... same thing.
My heart rate goes up... oh dear, oh dear.

Little did i know at that moment, but this would change the fate of the day, our lives perhaps... ok, I am over reacting, but it did effect a lot.

Addie was last. She was the same... a complete and utter mess.

Tim said, "Kids, what is this?" Apparently, they had been playing upstairs. Now, I am not about to bash my man. In our home, we think a 6 year old, 2 4 year olds and a 2 year old (maybe) ought to be able to play in ear shot with out coming out looking like green and blue Martians.
To make a long story short the 4 had completely and utterly destroyed our upstairs!

I am not even exaggerating. They had painted, carpet, walls, and even a bit of paper... imagine that novel idea! They had unearthed every single object on the floor and upended it. Cora had even nicely put a dump of poo in the potty!... I am still so happy it was in the potty (or oh this story could be SO much worse!) You know when you think... "Oh well that is a blessing, she pooped in the potty!" You are really having one of those days.

But I am not joking, they couldn't have done worse had they been a frat party on Friday night!
Oh my goodness! The couch cushions were thrown hither... every single crayon on the planet was on the floor... every toy in our home was were it should NOT be... clothes we strewn from one end to the other... and bits of yarn cut to minuscule fuzz littered the carpet!

We told our "little guest" to go downstairs (because well, she really didn't need to be a part of the wailing and gnashing of teeth that was about to ensue.)

And then we all had a "come to Jesus meeting."

It was hard, tearful, repentative, somber, sorry and restorative.
There was pleading, there was confession and there was hugs.

I was fairly certain we got to the issues at hand. 1. We just don't act that way. 2. If others are, we tell a grown up. 3. We have nice things and need to respect them and be thankful for them. 4. They didn't obey and keep clean like I had asked.

In the end we decided the real problem was a bit too much freedom... meaning, I think we've been letting our children have a bit too much reign over things. Ha. Well, not like that happens, UM ever... but still, you think!

We put up ALL (meaning every last) toy, trinket and tid-bit. They have to ask to use them. Currently all they can use is the Noah's Ark (our best toy, by far) and books... plus their lovies. And I think we are being generous.

Deep breath. I am still recovering.

Addie, whined and whimpered all day long.
Elias, I don't think he has even noticed.
Cora, she was just happy to be held.

So it brings me to the point, things are well, simpler around here. And things are just things. They are distractions from what is really important. I already like it a whole lot better. No movies, no legos to step on, and lots of imaginations at work, quality time and reading.

So please don't give me the "worst mother of the year" award. I know there are some that will think I am ONE BIG HUGE MEANY mother. Taking away all my kids toys is rotten... I don't like it... You could say, "this hurts me more than it hurts you." I was certainly thinking that about 4 pm when there was no movies to watch. But really I have given them simplicity, a greater imagination, ingenuity and gratitude. Not a bad swap in my opinion.

I am sort of grateful for "the day that will live in infamy."
Still, I am having to do deep breaths.

I think I need a cup of tea.


Julianna said...

Life is messy it is best to simplify :).

Shannon said...

Oh mama... :) That's just plain crazy!!! I might have been tempted to go absolutely nuclear, had I come home to that. I think you did the right thing! Your kiddos will thank you when they grow up to be wonderful, civilized adults. You get mama of the year in my book!!!