Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Good Day

Yesterday was sort of a monumental day at our house... good things just kept on coming.

Woke up, called Africa and spoke with Eron (she wasn't near Kizito) I didn't get to hear his sweet little voice (seriously the only bummer of the day).

Got an update on Miss... below.

We all went out to breakfast (drive thru) while Tim talked on the radio about CBX and the coming Duck Race!

My kids screamed like they were being murdered at the drive thru because this big goofy bug was on my head... I guess they thought it might murder me. All I could do was laugh. Horrible mother, horrible.

I got to teach knitting to 5 amazingly beautiful teen girls, we talked about life and we shared an hour together. Really this is a highlight of my summer.

Came home to find all my curriculum, books and a Ugandan cookbook (a fundraiser for a friend). Super excited!!!

Sewed Miss some ruffle bottom pants, a altered onesie and a head band! Photos to come!

Went back to camp, had dinner, worshipped with the group (seriously this is one of the major perks of living at a camp... joining in worship at any time!) Then went home.

Stopped to get the mail at the box... a letter from United States Citizenship and Immigration... I squeeled!!!

We got our approval to bring 2 children, ages 0-6, with some minor to special needs home. Our application is being forwarded to Uganda! How stinkin' great is that!

The funny thing was it didn't look like what I expected (with particular # people call it)... so I read it about 10 times, thinking, "Hum. Not sure if this is 'it', but it says 'favorable'..." Finally saw in teeny tiny writing on the bottom the numbers I needed to see! Wooo Hoo!

So, are we any closer? Well, not really, we just have approval by the US to get our kids home. We still need a court date.

Please continue to pray for TWO court dates together, with a favorable judge.

It was a good good, sweet day!

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