Monday, September 27, 2010

Peace and Presence

For months now God has been speaking two things to me; 1. "I am with you," 2. "My peace I give to you."

I wrote a post months ago (here it is and another one) about Emmanuel... God with me.
I've prayed at different moments for a God that is truly with me... all the time, every circumstance.
I've seen answers and felt God around me.

I've also been praying for peace in my heart and mind.
A peace that is assuring.
God's given me that too, in the most lovely ways.

What is so funny is that I don't expect Him to show me what I am asking, praying and seeking. Sure I want it, I just don't really live in a place of expectancy.

God has showing me very obviously that He is "the God that is with me" and the "God that gives me peace."

How good. How sweet. How loving.

Live expectantly!

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