Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thoughts on Today...

You know it is just like God to require you to "work" on something right after you write and speak on it... ie. feeling His presence, being content in Him alone, trusting Him, relying on His power..

I think He knew I didn't quite "get it" fully.

So here I am, day two of being "alone"with my children.
While others are learning, communing and enjoying fellowship at the camp.
I feel isolated, alone, bored.

We have a nice little fever raging through our house.
Summer fevers are the pits!

Luckily my 2 little ones had the fever for literally a few hours and then got over it, but my big girl isn't the same. She's had the fever for over 24 hours and the meds will lessen it, but not break it.

The poor dear is miserable and sleeping now. It broke my heart. She had nightmares all night and day long. They ranged from a "magical puppet show" that wouldn't go away, to a really scary one where a "disobedient car hit and killed" her baby sister... :-(
We both cried at that one.

I know motherhood has blessing and burdens, but this one is a mixture of both.
There's other places I'd rather be, but really, I'd not rather be any where but here.

It is a mystery to me why God wouldn't want me at the camp, but I guess He knows that, and I don't and I need to just go with it.

Today I am trying to take joy in the mundane and commonplace... remembering that when I place a cool cloth on my child's head it is like I am placing one on the head of my Lord.

I wonder how many other moms are doing the same thing around the world today?
Probably lots. So I guess I'm not really that alone.

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