Wednesday, June 23, 2010

In The News

This past weekend our "oh-so-considerate" neighbors at the junk yard decided to do everyone a favor and burn some tires. Just as we were sitting down for a family dinner at home (not something we get to do much of around here in the summer) and Addie says, "Uh, mom, look at that!" I turn around to see a billowing plume of fire, smoke and ash.

I watched it for a minute and called Tim out of this convalescences (after an oral surgery). He immediately called 911. Five minutes later we hear the sirens and see trucks pulling up.

But in the mean time it just got bigger and bigger, a few small explosions. We start to worry... seeing that we have just a field between our home and the fire. I start praying... both for the people out there and for our home. We see our "neighbors" using their tractors to get some good boarders around the fire... probably about the smartest thing they did that day.

The brave firefighters got it out in no time... then it started to smolder and smell as the smoke drifted right into our house.

It was a pretty convenient thing our pastor had spoken on "love your neighbor as yourself" just a week earlier... a good reminder in moments like these and an opportunity to put it into practice.

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