Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I am passionate about Advent... the practice of preparing one's heart and mind for the celebration of the first coming of Christ.   I just finished writing my first book on no less than how a family can take the 24 days before Christmas to celebrate and observe Advent.  

Here are my back cover thoughts on Advent...

Endless Events... Meaningless Gifts... Santa Claus...
Is this all there is to Christmas?

Christmas is often distorted into a materialistic circus the very first day after Thanksgiving. It is almost as if we spend a day remembering to be thankful only to jump headlong into a whole month of seeking more and more.  It is so easy to overlook the “Christ” that made “Christmas” even possible. We forget that we give gifts only because we were given the greatest gift from God in the person of Jesus Christ, as he fulfilled the most heroic rescue mission the world has ever known. How easily we forget the amazing events that brought about the incarnation of the God-man Jesus?  How apathetically we treat the wonderful truths found in this season? 

The good news is that long ago a tradition was designed to help Christians prepare our selves for a whole-hearted celebration of the coming of Christ. 

It is the practice of Advent!

To Order - Advent: A Family Guide to Savoring Christ in Christmas

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