Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Thoughts of a Two Year Old

My two and a half year old is just killing me lately with the thoughtful and funny things that are coming out of his mouth.  I just love to see how they think and process things when they start to talk. He hasn't quite gotten down proper sentence form, but his thoughts are still priceless. Last night we told him he couldn't have more bread, mainly on account of his allergy, but also because he was whining about it. Big mournful, broken hearted tears started to drip out of his eyes. As he reached up to wipe them away, he looked at me in almost a surprised way and said, "Rain on cheek."  It was all I could do to hide my giggles behind my hand and show mock concern for his lack of bread.

A few days ago I sent the two big kids out to play. After a little while I went to the back door to check on them. Elias came bounding up covered... seriously covered... in a fine layer of dirty dust. His runny nose wasn't an exception. Honestly, I think the only way he was able to get so dirty was by rolling back and forth in the dirt! Boys...

Then this morning my affectionate charmer looked up at me and grabbed a curl of my hair and said, "Pretty hair mom!"  My heart melts daily because of him. What a funny, sensitive and sweet boy he is.

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