Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Addie's Antics

Addie is quite the chatty girl these days! Here is a few things she is telling us.

When she falls down or gets hurt she often, through her tears, asks for something she thinks will make her feel better, something like, "I wan to read" or "watch a moonie (movie)" but the other day she said, "I wan some cheese!"

She has a fish tank and loves to feed them, but when she askes to feed them she says, "I wan to EAT da fish."

I was nursing Elias today and she snuggled up next to us. She took her teddy bear, lifted her shirt and pointed to her belly button and told the bear, "Eat" and latched him on and looked up with a big grin and said, "Addie's baby eats!"

She saw Tim coming out of a building at the camp and said, "That is daddy big boy!" I said with a laugh, "Oh, daddy big boy?" She said, as if I were the silly one, "NOOOOOOO! It's daddy Tim!"

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