Friday, January 15, 2016

6 Reasons Why Having a 6th Child is More Awesome than the 1st

It was mildly annoying and sort of surprising that the most common question I was asked when expecting our 6th was ...
"Are you excited?" 

As if, it was questionable that I might NOT be. Sad day! Excitement is totally expected when having your 1st or 2nd, but totally worthy of questioning when having any beyond that point. Sort of silly in my opinion... and sad.

But, to put all at ease, I felt implored to share why having #6 is just as awesome that having your 1st... because it is JUST as worthy of excitement!

#1 - Having your 6th is more awesome because you are already broken in. You have no delusions of a baby who sleeps all night long or rarely fusses or works around your life and schedule. You realize that you are there to serve them, help them and nurture them. This isn't about you and you know it!

#2 - Number 6th will most likely be a pretty chill person (but, maybe sometimes they aren't). They've been bombarded from the womb with loud sounds of siblings, jostlings from the outside, and such ... you're already mothering and it's not all revolving around them. They naturally just begin life going with the flow that is surrounding them. They sort of just slip in and find their little niche!

#3 - You already know what to do. It's fairly unlikely that you haven't had a colic baby or one who wouldn't gain weight well, or any number of other things. You've dealt with countless cases of croup, fevers, flus and childhood dilemmas. It might not make you worry less, but you know how to do what you need to do or where to find answers. And if something new crops up you can always say, "Well, this is new... but I'm sure we'll be ok!"

#4 - You know what you need and will use and you don't stress about getting every thing all set up. You likely have all the clothes a baby could ever wear, a hefty stash of cloth diapers and toys galore! We didn't even have a carseat until I was 37 weeks pregnant... I knew I'd most likely go "overdue" {again} and I needn't worry about getting it. We also didn't put together our crib until just a few days before I was 40 weeks, because I wouldn't need to use it "for weeks"... really all I knew I needed was a few blankets, some diapers and wipes and... well, that's {really} all we'd NEED!

#5 - Number 6th is a walk in the park when you have bigger kids around! I've always said a baby should come with a resident 10 year old! They can hold, sooth, love, entertain and even diaper a baby (if trained well). The baby sees it's older siblings as helpers and authorities too... a stern look from a bigger sibling thwarts a tantrum and a baby can look to a sibling when it scared or unsure. It pretty much ROCKS!

#6 - Having your 6th is most awesome because you get to share the joy! As a family of 7 nearly everyone can delight in the ultrasound, your growing girth and baby kicks. Everyone can't wait to find out if they are getting a brother or sister! Everyone has ideas about names or how to decorate. Who will it look most like??? Its all wonderful! And then after the baby arrives everyone delights in all the wonders of the baby... how sweet, how big, how lovely!!!  Baby is a joy giver to all and all share in it!

That's just some of the reasons why #6 is amazingly, sweetly and wonderfully AWESOME ... 
and worthy of excitement, joy and peaceful feelings!

{Not to imply that #1-5 aren't!}

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