Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Least You Think Homeschool Mom's Have It All Together

This mornings stats...

1 1/2 hours - the time it took to clean up breakfast and start school
20 minutes - the time the baby slept
1 blow out diaper
1 fussy baby
1 bath for blown out, fussy baby
School room, storage room, bedroom and living room in disarray ... 
mom discovers no chores accomplished during chore time
3 children in tears
2 pair of pants wet
1 child in corner sucking thumb
5 times to call children over to correct behavior
3 times mom has had to remember to breath
1 child to finish writing
3 children to finish math
4 children to finish reading
History and Science tabled indefinitely

1 mom taking a "time out" and going to pray...

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