Thursday, June 5, 2014

Water and Wells

We live off well water.
We live in a dry climate.
This week our well stopped working.

We aren't sure if it is just dried up due to not getting enough rain and such or if there is something functionally wrong with it.  Basically, we are down to just having enough water to flush toilets, wash hands, drink and a few other basic needs. No washing clothes, dishes (in the dishwasher and barely in the sink) and only my husband is getting bathed at this point... He'd let me, but I smell very good!

It is a pain.
But here is the deal... really, I just keep thinking, we have SO much. We do have a trickle of clean water. We can drive literally a minute down the road to the camp or a neighbor and get as much clean water as we want. We can use a bath or shower and wash our clothes there. Many can not do this.

Thanks God for water. Thanks God for helping me learn to be resourceful. Thanks God for wells that go dry to help me remember the blessing of clean water that I DO have!

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