Monday, June 16, 2014

Stuff that is Going On 'Round Here

Camp started. In fact, our first set of campers have left and today we get a new set! It's been good.

The baby (and my belly) are growing larger and more uncomfortable.

Our well is still struggling to give us enough water. It is not fun. We are trying to solve the problem. Praying for rain.

Cora wears cow"girl" boots to camp each day and comes home and changes into sparkly high heals every afternoon.

We had twins arrive... not me... our goat. I played goat midwife and lactation consultant. We are thinking of naming them Nash (the boy) and Marrietta (the girl)...

Our new chicks arrived. We've only lost one!

Thea (and I) are taking a "take two" on the whole potty training/big girl undies deal. We've had mostly successes! Keep it positive... keep it positive!

I am working on finishing up my last school year records binder and planning for next fall.

My lupines are blooming.

The boys are covered in a fine layer of dirt most days at camp. Given that we have little water I've given up... Eli looks more brown, and Allan looks more light brown, so it evens things out...

I have ONE red juicy tomato in my green house!

I am not planting an outdoor garden this year... due to lack of water and my larger girth.

Addie is the trading post manager and has set up shop. I am counting it as part of her school.

I can't decide what to name this new baby girl! I like two names equally well and want to use them both... which we likely will (one as a middle) but still I can't decide!

She moves A LOT... the most active baby ever! I keep thinking she might take after Addie (our "difficult" baby...) but then again, I am not sure it frightens me quite as much this time around.

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