Friday, June 28, 2013

11 Years ~ The Most Memorable Anniversary

Today Tim and I have been married for 11 years!

My man makes good things great.

He woke me up and made me our very own little cafe breakfast. 
This is a feat of epic proportions while running an entire camp.
We always have low expectations for summer anniversaries.
It was a sweet, sweet time.

However, little did we both know, but someone had a 
little more magic up their sleeves for this special day. 

So much so... I am still in shock!

Today I took Addie over at 3 pm for her drama skills class.
On the way, she kept telling me that I couldn't go in the dinning hall... 
until she had made sure "it was ok." I began to wonder what was up.

Then when we went to leave she very politely asked if she could stay at camp for rec time, which we don't allow if Tim isn't able to be present. I told her "no" and she said ok with a sad tone.

When we went back to camp for dinner she kept telling me, "Mom, will you promise to not go into the dinning hall when we get there? Please? You have to trust me..." 
I agreed and went with it...

When I went in I saw this sign.

Our table was made up with a table cloth, it had a candle and fresh cut flowers!

During dinner Addie arranged for a gluten free meal and it was served to us. 
We had special drinks and were waited on by Addie and staff.

Tim and I sat and actually talked during dinner. We reminisced.
Campers came up to congratulate us.
The entire camp sang to us, signed a card for us and then we had a yummy apple and ice cream dessert!

One of the staff persons who helped Addie pull of this amazing anniversary party came up and told me Addie had come in, arranged it all, saw it got done and intended on helping do it all (before I told her she couldn't stay for rec time). 

Then, tonight when she saw it was all done to her standards she went in the kitchen and told all the staff what "a blessing they had been to her in helping" do all this for her parents!

She also told me, "Mom, I knew how special this day was, I just couldn't get out any old thing in my closet and wrap it up, like I normally would have... it was just too important of a day!"

This is one to go down in the history books folks!
Such a blessed mama!
Such a sweet girl!

Thank you for the memorable day, Addie Ruth.
(We think you could make a killing being an event planner).

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