Friday, December 28, 2012

A Christmas Story

I failed miserably at Christmas/Advent this year.
I failed to do much of anything but get gifts wrapped and under the tree.

But, I think one thing to remember about this Christmas is God's grace despite my weakness.

We give our kids 3 presents (like Jesus got):
Gold = Something they want.
Frankincense = Something to help them grow.
Myrrh = Something to help others.

This year  their "myrrh" gift was "getting" a Ukrainian orphan to pray for, write to and provide a birthday gift for. Each of our children got a child all their own to do this for. As we read about each one and learned about their lives I expected some one to get tired of all the seriousness and to suggest more gift opening.

Much to my shock, when all was calm Allan looked at me and said, "Mom. Can we pray for them now?"
I sputtered, "Um... yes, we sure can."

So we interrupted all of the festivities to pray over each of our four kids from Ukraine and to bless their Christmas day.

It was the best moment of my Christmas.
It showed God's grace amid my failures to do what I thought I needed to this Christmas.

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