Monday, June 18, 2012

The Bad in Being "Good"

We have an unidentified child who is really "good".
This child is always making sure to come when called, act just perfect and follow directions to the "T", does an extra good job at a task, and go above and beyond to have nice controlled behavior.

Most of you are probably thinking, "Wow, good for you! Why is this a problem or are you just boasting???"

Not boasting.
This is a HUGE problem!
I've noticed and become aware of how great a sin this is.
This child is not REALLY good, they just ACT good.

I love this child, very much so, I'd go to the moon and back for them. My love is shown through the fact that I'd rather not just hope they are truly good, but that I'd rather see them for who they really are and help them understand that they need a Savior just as much as their annoying, outwardly sinful sibling. I love this "good kid" enough to "go out and plead with them" (Luke 15:28)  to see themselves as they truly are...

They are a sinner.
They are not capable of being good.
And even worse their goodness is nothing more than an act to get what they want.

How do I know it is an act?
1. They are a child who was born a sinner and as a sinner we know that we are NOT capable of any goodness of our own. No one is good on their own or of their own abilities!

2. They are also very diligent in telling me, reminding me and showing me just how good they are and telling me how naughty and bad those around them are.

3. They falter and when they think I am not looking act in great unkindness and lack of concern for others.

So, how does one parent and show a "good" older-brother-type child how they need a Savior... when they think they are "righteous" on their own??? Especially, when they are pretty careful to do nothing wrong.

That is the question of the hour and something I am putting a lot of study into... more to come!

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