Friday, May 25, 2012


The last month has been a blur... probably due to fever delirium.
But it really has been.
I am feeling better... but trying not to over do it and send myself back into Mono Meltdown.

My mom came.

Those three words say a lot don't they? My. Mom. Came.
She wiped bums, tables, faces and floors (not with the same rag) for me, while I sweated and chilled and drank tea and slept. My kids sort of missed me, and that is proof of what a good mom I have.
She is leaving tomorrow.
Sad day.

I am not sure I am ready, but here comes everything. Time and seasons don't have break pads even if your body comes to a screeching halt.

While I laid and thought and slept I came to some conclusions:
1. I have a sweet life.
2. I am more busy than I'd like to be, no not busy, distracted.
3. I need to stop avoiding things and grow in them instead.

So that is that.
This season for us is about our camp.

In the coming hours and days 10+ people (most of whom are strangers to me) are going to be placed in our lives. I don't feel able, but I know One who is.

What a blessed weight!

I'll be around.
In real life.

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