Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mono or Hand Foot and Mouth???

What a lovely title! 
Don't you agree?

Given the choice which would you choose???
That is the question of today.

The Story...
(beware... just a tad bit of sarcasm ahead...)

As we were leaving good ole' Cali I got a fever, sore throat and horrible headaches and all that comes with fevers.

Poor Tim drove the whole 774 miles from Cali to home... and wondered the whole 774 miles why I was being such a lazy bum and bad company. I slept the WHOLE 774 miles and would awaken in a stooper to change movies for the kids... such a good mom!

Got home and my side started hurting... just below my ribs on the left side... fairly uncomfortably.

Went to the doctor where Mr Doc with a goofy tie totally thought I either had pneumonia (because you usually get that if you haven't coughed once and have 100% clear lungs?) or a blood clot (because those usually originate in your side with zero leg pain and the hidden symptoms of blood clots are sore throats and a fever?) I was poked, prodded, and x-rayed until I was a darker shade of pale white. I drove home in tears with a script for antibiotics (because ruling out the pneumonia and blood clot must mean I have strep... but they wouldn't test for it because that might be over kill on the test for the day?)

I did ask the first doc (Mr. Tie)... Could I have mono? He said, "NO, you'd feel MUCH sicker?" 
What is "sicker?" I don't know if that is a real word. Sick, Sicker, Sickest... maybe it is... but would I have to be Sick, Sicker or Sickest to have Mono? Tell me doc.

A week later, still feverish every.single.day, along with THE worst sore throat (I feel like little daggers are attacking my throat), and the persistent side pain.

Back today. Doc Who Thinks (oh, wait she is just a PA... maybe I should trust the REAL doctor) said, "Well, you either have Mono or Hand Foot Mouth Disease... lets test for it..."
Now that is something... test for things I have symptoms of! She is clever.

Oh and those daggers in my throat, it makes sense... I have blisters on my GINORMOUS tonsils! They are taking every bit of real estate that my itty bitty throat allows them... even bulging on to the outside.
I am pretty sure my blistered mad-scientist tonsils could be a freak side show act at a circus!

So I wait.
Which do I want?
We will see.

For now, only visit at your own risk...
Entrance fee $2 to see The TONSILS of Epic Proportion!

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