Friday, April 13, 2012

Cora Might Not Stay on the Wagon... and other Cora Stories

I think Cora is out... as in "off the wagon".
She just keeps taking the tape off... tonight she told me, "But I yuv it! I-yull just suck it a yiddle bit..."

Got to smile.

She is seriously the hardest kid for me to be "tough" on.
Ok, so prime example.
Easter Sunday. Thea was being "a handful" so I took her to the "cry room"... which was opened up to be an over flow area for more Easter Sunday church goers... it ended up that I was in the same row as Tim and all the other kids, we just had a bit more room and less people to bother.

Cora had to go potty, so sweet Addie brings her to me and we do the business and then the big girls want to sit with me... so they do. Things were great. Then Cora had to go "poop". We do that. By the time we get settled again we are singing several closing hymns. This is the traditional service, so it is traditional hymns, and they were "hymny".

Cora is looking around and then starts mock singing... no sound. But she was making very dramatic faces as she sings very piously to the very hymny hymns... Guess what I do?

I start laughing.
Like... I can't stop... holding it in or together type laughs!
This blog is called "She Can Laugh" for a reason... because I laugh ridiculously easily...

I could NOT pull it together!
See I'd bend down to tell her in a stern voice, "Cora! Stop that! Sing nice!" and her little O shaped mouth with no sound and mocking song would crack me up!

Tim noticed and first gave me the eyes that said, "Marci, you are the mom, get her to knock it off!" then he saw my ineptitude the problem that I couldn't get it together long enough to correct her.

People the row across and behind Tim took notice... they started to laugh too. Oh my... this could go bad, and luckily the pastor's daughter in me felt the fear and respect of God long enough to take a deep breath and to get it together long enough to get the little piously mocking singer to sing with real propriety.

Any time Cora toots or burps she says, "Oh... that is just my princess (or baby) toot..." as if it were less a toot or burp because it is labeled a "princess or baby" one.

If Cora wants to say, "That's delicious." She says, "That's de-liquerish!"

But that is what I mean... Cora is, well, a complete and utter surprise every day. A mystery and constant joy to behold! ALL girl in dirt, backwards dress and mis-matched shoes.

Tim regularly says to me, "I 'get' all the others... I have them each pegged and spot on figured out! But that Cora?" She also reminds us both of my late grandma... who oddly Cora's middle name is named after her middle name.... Cora Anne and Jean Anne. We've both said that if we believed in reincarnation Cora would be proof of it... because she and "nanny" are 2 peas in a pod.

See for your own eyes...

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