Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Welcome Home... Thea!

I forgot to post our home coming photos for each kiddo... so here goes.

We didn't do the whole "airport" party thingy. Mainly because by 10 pm (when we arrived both times) I was toast... and we figured that most people wouldn't come... and also we thought it would be 100% traumatizing for our first homecomer. Nothing says "welcome home" like being traumatized... not really.

But we did ask one of our dearest friend's and a fellow adoptive mom to come take photos and video... she literally hid and wonderfully made the moment as private as possible... while the entire airport looked on.

We arrived home with Thea Agnes Katsiime on November 18th!
Whoo Hooo!

Still so so happy about that fact... and still unpacking (figuratively) from the whole adoption process and my 8+ weeks in Ug@nda.

How cute is that? Waiting to see us land... Yes, our airport is that small.

The greeting party... waiting for Momma and Thea!

Daddy grabbing up his baby girl.
And Thea thinking "Oh my! Where am I and who are all these mzungu's?"

Three of the 5... enjoying some snuggles. Man! I missed them all so much!

"Sisters... sisters... there were never such devoted sisters!"

This is the moment I realize we will never again get a good photo of everyone in our family, at the same time...
and Tim's head makes the sign read "breathtaking liberals"... that is one accurate way to describe where we live.

Addie so happy to be a big sister... yet again!

On our way! Allan all smiles in his camo pants (he wears them daily).

Deep sigh.

Going home. How good that sounds even now.

Movies to come later.

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