Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Happy Birthday ... For All

So something nothing short of magical happened on Cora's birthday.
We decided to keep it low key... really low.
We had breakfast out, went swimming at the rec center and then had soup (Cora's favorite) for dinner and had gifts.
It was exactly what we all needed, and still fun for the Birthday Girl.

I had also taken Addie to get Cora a gift. She had made this "doll house"... a card board A frame that was totally her creation! It really was quite clever. But she wanted to get some "little people" for Cora to play with, with it. So we did.

I also got those little cheap-o books, one for Eli and Allan to give to Cora.

Earlier during the day we had tried to explain to Allan what was going on, that it was Cora's 3rd birthday, yada, yada. I had no idea if he's even celebrated a birthday, much less "got it". But I called both boys to "wrap" (put it in a plastic Walm@rt bag) her book from each of them. I didn't want to confuse Allan and have him think the book was for him so I explained, "This is for Cora! For her birthday!" He seemed to get it and nod (a good sign).
But I still didn't know what would happen.

Well, he is good at following and put his present next to Eli's on the table. Later the time came to open them. We have this deal where when a sibling gives a present they also tell their brother or sister one thing they love about them. Eli went first and said, "Cora I love your pretty smile." Cora loved her book!

Then Addie went and unveiled her masterpiece and her little people dolls! She said, "Cora I love that I can have a little sister and play dress up with you." Again it was a hit!

Then Mr Isaiah Allan had his turn... I didn't know what would happen. He didn't say an "I love you" of course... but his face hid nothing. That boy was soooo thrilled to have something to give his little sister! Just look at him! She loved her other book too!

Then going back to sit down he did his signature strut/dance/showboat of joy! We really do need to find a title for his dance of joy... it is THE best.

We are so blessed to have 4 kiddos with such giving hearts! Day by day I am so thankful that God planned for us all to be together! What a happy birthday we ALL had!

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