Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Work Week

At Cross Bar X this week it is Work Week

Normally we have around 20-30 retired people come to do a barn raising of sorts at the camp to prepare it for summer. It really signifies the start of the summer season here at CBX.

But this year we have over 50 people... 15 of which range in age from 6 months to 8 years old!
Five past staff counselors have "grown up" and returned to work with their growing families. It is fun to see little people toddling and running around the camp and "helping" (or hindering) the best they can!
It is just refreshing to me.

I have my own Work Week under way.
My #1 goal for the next 4 or so weeks is to prepare my family for Summer Camp Life.

- Teaching them boundaries at camp... both rules and also staying near me and boundaries with others.
- Helping them understand Daddy's schedule is a bit different... I've already heard 4 "When's daddy coming home's?" today, but they will get the idea soon.
- Learn that we have a routine even while camp is on... school to do, naps, chores and helping at camp all have a time and a place.
- They are learning the 5 BIG RULES OF CAMP LIFE:
1. They CAN'T go in the road.
2. They can't wander off. I must know where they are at all times.
3. They must always ask prior to going any where (alone or with someone).
4. They must stay seated at meal times and clear their own plates.
5. They MUST have fun and bless others around them the best they can (for Addie mainly).

Good times!

I'm also working on our camp's blog (for campers and their families and supporters to keep updated).

I'm trying to plant a garden. Ha. Not until this frigid weather moves on!

And I need to touch up some spots with paint in our house and generally de-clutter and clean house really good. :-/

But, I did print out 2 months worth of Letter of the Week lessons for my 3 little schoolers! Now... to laminate.

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