Friday, February 11, 2011

Breakfast Table Winks

So this morning Tim was going around winking at each child to tell them he loves them... they were (attempting to) wink back. They looked so funny trying I quick caught them in the attempt. Oddly Cora did the best. I know one day they will thank me for recording this memory.... or not.

It is good to be dorks together... if you can't be dorks with your brothers and sisters who can you be dorks with?

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...they call me mommy... said...

Cute winking kiddos! :) Love the new look of your blog! How neat!! Loved reading over your school plans as well...looks great!
YAY! Adoption!! What a blessing! I personally feel led/open to adopting myself but my husband isn't sure about it. It is something you BOTH MUST BE SURE ABOUT, is my thinking! ;) I am not sure what my thoughts towards orphans would fall under...hmmm...what an interesting post. Personally meeting a few orphans in Haiti recently, I can say that I felt a huge LOVE for them. I couldn't even fathom not having a family or not having a permanent home. Yet, for them, maybe it's just normal life. At times, I think I tend to put American "standards" or just our way of looking at things on situations...kwim?
Anyway...not sure. I am SO excited to follow along with you on growing your family!!! :) I will pray for you guys! :)