Friday, December 10, 2010


Well, I've always been suseptable to strep... I am on my second round of it this month.

I am fearful that one of my sweet little ones is a "carrier".

When I was in 5th grade one of my classmates repeatedly got me sick, month after month. I tallied up over 40 sick days that year and was hospitalized because it settled in my kidneys! I sure don't want a repeat of 5th grade... no one wants that!

Luckily, this round of strep has been a bit better. I don't have a fever, which is a big help. But it also stinks to feel like you are swallowing glass for 4 days straight until the culture came back. Irr! I think I'll be hybernating a lot this winter. :-( And, it is a lovely winter... so far.

Here is my plan of action to avoid the "carrier":
- I'm replacing tooth brushes weekly.
- I am making assigned cups and trying to keep Cora from drinking out of everyone else's.
- No more sharing food!
- Using hand sanitizer more regularly and washing hands routinely.
- Worst of all, no more kissing my babies! :-(
- And I may have one of my regularly "stink breath" kids tested... I have a hunch who it might be. :-)

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