Friday, December 10, 2010


Recently we did a book study on Corduroy... you know the bear missing the button.

Here are some of the activities we did:

- We read the book (obviously).
- Addie did hand writing/copy work of this line... "Corduroy was a bear who lived in a big department store."
- Addie learned to sew on a button.
- We did public speaking on our favorite stuffed animals... Sully (Addie), Bongo (Elias) and Baby (Cora). Even Elias and Cora had to stand up in front and say one thing they like about their "lovie."
- Elias and Addie had to write a "report" on their "lovies"... I wrote Elias' words down for him.
- We made Corduroy paperdolls
- We did AB and ABB patterns with buttons

Elias after telling me his report on his favorite animal.
He wrote, "Bongo is a monkey. He has a fluffy blue stripe hat."

The children before giving their "speeches" about their favorite animals.

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