Friday, November 19, 2010

Through Addie's Lense

Occasionally I get a surprise when I go to download current photos...
I have a little girl that thinks she is a photographer.

What I enjoy is getting to see the world through her eyes... to see what she thinks is interesting, beautiful, and what she finds worthy of capturing.

This time, I think she even created art work to take photos of.

It dawned on me that I think she is waiting for "rest time" or in the wee hours of the morning to indulge in her sin of choice... sneaking... She sneaks the camera and replaces it with out notice. Trust me, we have addressed this and she knows asking is a much better choice.

Lovely books

Art by Addie

Bed curtains

An interesting angle


Elias' Beloved ReeRee

Things she is learning

What time she was taking it... mom was obviously still sleeping

Her cute brother

A fun pattern

The rising sun

The "Dune Wagon Bus"

Beloved Sully Bear

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