Friday, November 19, 2010

Do Rags Rock!

I've always been known for sporting "do rags," as they are so fondly called. I like them because they keep hair off my face, are cute and also because I just feel like ME in them.

I search for new ones, but find it is really the old ones, that my mom hands down or from a drawer in my grandma's room or a bag of discards, that become my real favorites. I've had oh so many... lost some of my favorites and I even think one was stolen by a roommate... but I digress.

I posted earlier that my sweet baby is overly attached to her hair... and pulls it out little by little to tickle her face with. Well, I am going at this in many ways, but it accured to me that perhaps my dear old friend, Do Rag could offer some assistance.

I think the style suits her well... my little do rag girl!
What a sweet and beautiful baby!
Every inch kissable sweetness!

Thank you Lord for Do Rags and Two Year Old Baby Girls!

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