Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Elias' Dizzy Dream

Yesterday Elias woke up from his nap, visibly sleepy and groggy.
He said, "Mom. I had dizzy dream!"

I inquired what it was about. This is what he told me in three-oldese...

"A monster got me. My arm. Then my leg.
It looked like a tiny bear. Then it not eat me. It gave gave me money!
Then a daddy bear came. It not eat me. The daddy bear said, “I love you Eli!”

Then, a dinosaur came and came and came. The dinosaur hug a me too. Cause it liked me. They gave me money and gave me my cell phone back and drive me (later he explained that he road on its back) all the way home.

Then the two dinosaurs layed down next to me.”

It made me laugh because it really must have been his dream. I could see that the way he was telling it to me. It was funny to hear what little boys dream about... bears and dinosaurs that give him money and a cell phones and gives him a ride home on it's back!

I was also thrilled because it was really his first narrative... he isn't much for telling stories or making things up!!!

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